Annie Buckley
The Scovellsway team is led by the owner/trainer Annie Buckley.

Annie has over 10 years of experience in gundog and companion dog training. She has a wealth of expertise and knowledge developed in this specialist field as well as a considerable reputation and profile. Annie has a passion for helping clients achieve personal goals for their dog, be it an obedient family companion or shooting dog.

Annie has a love for the countryside, working and competing her dogs in the shooting field. Her affection for dogs comes from childhood; training, grooming and showing West Highland White Terriers. She currently has seven working dogs; spaniels and retrievers.

Annie is a qualified teacher with a PGCE, lecturing at several agricultural colleges and instrumental in developing and implementing courses.

Annie is a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers at master level and is continually developing her personal career as a dog trainer. She is also a member of over 30 gundog clubs and associations.
Wendy Neville
My introduction into the gundogs was through Annie, with my first dog Spud, who is now 13.
I enjoy helping clients to train their dogs, whether it be for competition or a well mannered family member.
I own 6 dogs and I have competed in Working Tests and Field Trials and Dolly, who I bred, won a Novice trial. I am now training my cocker spaniel who I hope to field trial. I pick up with my pack during the season. I work at the kennels on a Wednesday and Thursday. I have passed my J Regs exam and also attended a course on dog first aid.
My motto for successful training is  'Bed in the basics and the rest will follow'
Wendy Neville
Dan Parsons - Kennel Manager
Dan came across Scovellsway when he was looking for training classes for his black Labrador, Pippa.
His thirst for knowledge and keenness to improve his skills led Dan to volunteer at the kennels in his spare time.
Annie soon offered him a paid position and he has been working here full time since. Dan has recently taken on the role of Kennel Manager.
Dan is passionate about training all dogs, regardless of breed and helping customers achieve their own individual goals.
Sam Thatcher
Sam worked for us for around 18 months and has returned on a Wednesday each week. Sam has a wealth of experience with Spaniels, especially Cocker Spaniels but also other gundog breeds.
Sam Thatcher
Sarah Winter
I have been training dogs for around 10 years. I own 6 dogs with 4 being Golden Retrievers and these are my passion. I train my dogs using clicker, treats and toys. I have been successful in Working Tests at all levels with my goldens, have won a field trial and have competed at Agility with my labradors. I work at the kennels on a Thursday and Friday.
Ian Noyes
Ian joined the team in 2004 after a career change from Engineering Project Management.
At about the same time, Ian had a Fox Red Labrador pup called Chester. Together they have been developing skills at Scovellsway. As previous client at Scovellsway, Ian understands the requirements and skills to assist new handlers with their dogs.
Ian and Chester are now competing in Working Tests for the first time this year with encouraging results. Ian’s final goals are to compete in Field Trials and picking up throughout the season.
Nicola Farmiloe
My passion for working with dogs started from a young age, attending shoots with my family. I have grown up with Labradors and working breeds.
My father and Aunt have both played a big role in my keen interest in gundogs they both shoot and work dogs. I have a Labrador retriever Fern and a young cocker spaniel Sage who work as my picking up team.
The new edition to my team is a puppy Labrador retriever. I am going to train her for working tests and onto field trials in the future, an exciting challenge for us both.
I am passionate about dogs, and all aspects of country sports.