Tuesday puppies braving the cold to complete their training class. Well done all.


News Update

Christmas and New Year Holidays
Scovellsway Training Kennels are closed from 22nd December 2017, reopening on 4th January 2018.
Last Sunday class for 2017 is on the 17th December. Last Wednesday class is 20th December. Final Thursday class will be 18th December.
Classes resume on the following dates:
Fun Agility – Monday 15th January 2018 (Intermediates 9.30am/Beginners 10.30am
Wednesday pupy – 10th January 2018
Thursday Gundogs – 11th January 2018
Friday Working Test Group – 12th January 2018
Sunday Puppy/Spaniel – 14th January 2018
Saturday Companion – 20th January 2018

Christmas and New year can be a stressful time for a dog. Lots of people in the house, different routines and lots of food Remember to give your dog some quality time and a place to be quiet. Keep up the training and we all look forward to seeing you all in the 2018.
From all at Scovellsway, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Puppy Gundog Group

A new puppy gundog group has been created on a Thursday Wednesday morning at 11am. this group is for dogs of 8 months and older and will help new young dogs learn the skills to start on the road to becoming a gundog.
This group is for both Spaniels and Retrievers.
Handlers should bring a retrieving item with them. .

Scovellsway Kennels

Scovellsway offers a range of training facilities while your dog stays with us. We can train your dog from heelwork through to the shooting field. 10 individual kennels means we can offer a more personal service to your dog.
Included in our costs are kenneling, bedding and all training.
Owners should bring in the dogs own food. this helps settle the dogs into the kennels and our routine quickly.
A booking form and deposit is required to secure your dogs stay. (please read the cancellation policy).
Why not speak to the Scovellsway team about your dogs stay.

Next Sunday class is on 17th December.

Puppy class for over 5 months will cover the basics you will need to help your puppy become a well-trained member of the family.
Dates: December – 17th. January 2018 - 14th, 28th
Times: 9.00am – 10.00am. Cost £10.00

Spaniel Club

Spaniel Club will move to Sunday Mornings. Scenting conditions are better in the mornings which will help the group to improve the hunting skills of the dogs.
December – 17th January 2018 - 14th, 28th
Times: 9.00am – 10.30am. Cost £15.00

Companion Dog Training Saturday 25th November at 9.30am

These sessions will be designed to help you teach your dog how to be a balanced, well behaved member of your family. Each session will cover 2-3 different exercises allowing you to concentrate on key skills. This is a drop in session and will be run every other week.
November – 25th , December – 9th
Times: 9.30am – 10.30am. Cost = £10.00

Beginners and Novice Gundog Drop In Class Thursday Mornings

We run 2 Gundog Drop-in classes during the week.
Wednesday morning a new Beginners Gundog class has now started. This is for dogs that are 9 months and older that would like to start to learn the basics of becoming a gundog.
Time - 11.00am to 12.30am and Cost £15.00

Thursday morning is a Novice Gundog Drop In Class
This class is for all types of gundog and will work on the core basics you need when training your dog to become a gundog. Steadiness, heelwork, recall and retrieving are all covered during these sessions.
Every Thursday at 9.30am no matter what the weather. Cost £15.00

Puppy Classes

Scovellsway run a number of puppy classes throughout the week
All these classes are designed to cover the basics you need to have a happy, well-balanced puppy.
The main puppy class is on a Wednesday at 9.30am. We also run groups every Tuesday at 9.30am or every other Saturday (Next date is 16th December then January 2018 - 13th and 27th) also at 9,30am. Both of these classes are run by Nicky. Essentials to bring along with your dog are tasty treats and a toy.

Gundog Group - Thursdays

The new Beginners Gundog Group at 2pm is now full.
Over the next couple of months, the new group will learn key skills so their young dogs receive the best start for the life of a gundog. Whether you want to train your dog to pick up on a shoot or go onto compete in the field, this course will provide the right foundation The content of the sessions will include steadiness, walking to heel on and off lead, retrieving, whistle work. Each week will focus on key skills and homework will be given.

Agility Classes Monday and Sunday.

Scovellsway offers a number of Agility classes. A full set of Agility equipment provides you with the opportunity to have fun with your dog while learning new skills.
Monday Agility
There are 2 classes on a Monday morning and these are run by Sarah who has competed at Agility.
Intermediates at 9.30am (currently full) and Beginners at 10.30am. The classses are limited to 6 people so please ring the team to find out what space is available.
Every other Sunday Agility
This class is a drop in class and is run by Tina. Tina is a qualified Agility instructor
Maximum of 10 people. Please call the team to find out if there is space.


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