We believe we can help you with every Dog Training problem you might encounter. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss a specific need.

  • Pet / companion dog training
  • Gundog training, from the basics to field trial level
  • One to one training sessions
  • Group classes for various abilities, companion and gundog
  • Puppy classes
  • Home visits
  • Rabbit pen
  • Training Classes

    The most important characteristics that you need to bring to the Classes are a willingness to learn and a good sense of humour! If you enjoy the training sessions, so too will your dog. Obedience training is easier when it's fun for both of you.

    All classes will take place at Scovellsway Training Kennels. The classes operate on a rolling theme; this allows owners to attend when they are able. The flexibility enables you to develop skills at your own pace and come as many times as you wish. The classes will go ahead in all weather conditions. Please note all dogs attending must be fully up to date with their vaccinations. Owners must clean up after their dog and remove the waste to designated bins or remove from site on departure.

    Current Training Classes

    Baby Puppy Class (All breeds)

    Puppies can attend class once they are clear of all inoculations, please bring documentation.
    Bring any treats and a favourite toy that your puppy enjoys.
    The class will cover the basics you need to have a well balanced puppy. The class will also help progress the handlers and their puppies to join the main puppy group once they have reached twenty weeks old. The class will focus on basic core skills, manners, Interaction with dogs and people, recall and structured play etc.
    Baby Puppy Class (All breeds)
    every Wednesday at 9.30am - 10.30am. cost £10.00 per handler
    Every other Saturday at 9.30am - 10.30am
    Saturday dates: 3rd November, 17th November, 1st December, 15th December

    Puppy Class 5 months and older (All breeds)

    This class is aimed at puppies from the age of 5 months old. All the basic skills will be covered.
    Heel work, sit, stay, recall, leave, meet and greet skills when meeting people and other dogs. Good manners and social skills.
    Every Wednesday at 9.30 am – 10.30am cost £10.00 per handler
    Every other Sunday at 9.00 am – 10.00am cost £10.00 per handler
    Sunday Dates: 4th November, 18th November, 2nd December, 16th December
    Times: 9.00am – 10.00am. Cost £10.00

    Pet Gundog (All breeds)

    These sessions are aimed at the family pet whose owners have an interest in teaching their dog some skills to become a novice gundog.
    The main areas that will be covered in these sessions are: Basic Obedience, Heelwork, Steadiness, Use of the whistle (recall, sit etc)vBasic Retrieving Skills and Hunting Skills.
    Group times are: Thursdays 9.30am – 11.00am (Retriever group and Spaniel Group)
    Companion Dog Training - These sessions will be designed to help you teach your dog how to be a balanced, well behaved member of your family. Each session will cover 2-3 different exercises allowing you to concentrate on key skills. This is a drop in session and will be run every other week.
    27th October, 10th November, 24th November, 8th December
    Times: 9.30am – 10.30am. Cost = £10.00

    Spaniel Training (Only on Sundays)

    All spaniel breeds and spaniel cross breeds are welcome; we will cover the basic skills and advance skills including gunshot steadiness and working in the rabbit pen.
    Sunday* 9.00am - 10.30am and is £15.00 per handler
    We will be running both Novice and Advanced groups focusing on the skills outlined above.
    Dates: 4th November ,

    One to One Training

    The Scovellsway team can offer individual 1-2-1 sessions to cater for your specific needs. From helping you prepare for the shooting season and competition to improving your delivery, recall and heelwork. Scovellsway can also help you improve basic obedience with the family pet. A 1-2-1 session will cost you £40 for approximately 1 hour.
    Why not call the team to discuss your requirements and book your lesson on 01962 710637 or e-mail info@scovellswaytrainingkennels.co.uk

    Annie Buckley

    Small Group Training

    We now offer small group training sessions for a minimum of five handlers, session duration is an hour and a half and is £60 per session. These sessions are for any level of ability and can be tailored to the group’s requirements.
    We have tried to respond to demand and feedback from our customers who are looking for the diversity that group training offers but within a smaller more focused group. Please contact info@scovellswaytrainingkennels.co.uk or call 01962 710637.

    Fun Agility

    A new class of ‘Fun Agility for Pet/Gundog owners’ has started on a Monday morning (replacing Boisterous Boys and Giddy Girls). This class will provide you with some basic Agility Skills while building the relationship between you and your dog as well ahs progressing basic obedience skills while having fun. Sarah has completed in agility with her dogs and will be taking this class.
    Monday Intermediates - 9.30 am - 10.30am. Beginners 10.30am - 11.30am and £15.00 per session.
    Annie Buckley